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After-sale Twin Screw Extruder Maintenance In Thailand

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-11-17      Origin: Site


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On 8th  November,our maintenance technicist  is traveling to Thailand to meet an old friend of Jieya Extrusion: An 12-year-old twin screw extruder!We are happy it still performs well.

Do you know the story of this twin screw extruder?

It is a twin screw extrusion line for sheet(floor mat )applied in automatics,which has been operating for nearly 10 years in our customer's China plant. Recently, it was moved to Thailand plant because of their strategic relocation.According to customer's feedback,We go to check the vaccum system,control system,melt pump and repair the needle valve of the soft water cooling system.After the complete inspection and maintenance,  We hope it will serve our customer for another 10years.

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Relocating Extruder Machines – If there is a need to move a machine from one production site to another, we can offer you support with our service technicist,even if the machine is being moved to another country.

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twinscrewextruder sheet

twin screw extruder for sheet

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