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Twin Screw Extruder For Devolatilization

Twin screw compounding system also play a vital role in devolatilization. With our innovative research team, besides twin screw extruder, we even develop new product -twin rotor processor for devolatilization .

It is required dispersing and mixing, shearing and kneading, heat transfer evaporation and devolatilization in high viscosity melt, liquid reactive or devolatilization process.

Equipped with a high-torque gearbox and high-powered motor to solve the torque problem in high-viscosity material processing; with a special screw structure design, the twin screws mesh with each other to provide strong mixing while pushing materials including high-viscosity materials move forward; good self-cleaning effect, prevent dead zone and accumulation of scale and improve heat transfer efficiency. Efficient distribution mixing and interface update effects.

A variety of liquid additive feed ports and vacuum openings can be provided according to the process requirements and a high efficiency vacuum system can be connected.

It is used to mix the polymer with additives such as crosslinking agent or foaming agent, and to remove the internal volatiles later. The special screw and barrel L/D greatly increases the working volume, which can greatly extend the residence time and working capacity of the machining process. The core of the screw shaft can be heated and cooled to have a larger heat exchange area.

Twin-rotor Processor For Devolatilization

What's more, Jieya has successfully innovated twp roto self-clean processor for direct devolatilization process,which is the most advanced and economical method for the devolatilization of a wide variety of polymers and elastomers. By increasing the residence time of the product in the process chamber the solvents and residual monomers can be removed more efficient. At the same time the product-damaging shear is significantly reduced. As a result a better product quality can be achieved while minimizing residual volatiles.

The Two-rotor processor is very well suited to remove these residual volatiles in a high viscous polymer solutions. This technology is typically used where solvent removal is hindered by poor mass transfer kinetics. In order to compensate this lack of evaporation performance, high surface renewal at lowest mechanical heat input is required.\

Jieya Two-rotor processor devolatilization system shows advantages:

  • Integrates the self-cleaning capability of the twin-screw extruder with the ability to handle high-viscosity materials, the large heat exchange area of the thin-film evaporator, and the large working volume of the reaction vessel, overcoming inherent weaknesses and bottlenecks of each traditional processing equipment.

  • Unique different speed intermeshing two screw structure with excellent self-cleaning, superior distribution mixing effects, and outstanding heat and mass transfer and interface renewal

  • Ample working volume and gas space, easily meeting the requirements for continuous reactions with long residence times, exhaust devolatilization operations with high volatile content, and large-scale industrial production capacity needs.

  • Both the main body and two screws can be heated or cooled, providing a larger heat exchange area.

  • Lower shear rates significantly reduce damage to the performance of sensitive materials.

  • Can meet the demanding requirements of complex operations such as high vacuum, explosion-proof,

  • toxic, and phase changes in accompanying material systems.

  • Jieya has modular, multifunctional TRP and two-rotor reaction devolatilization complete experimental devices, providing strong support for the feasibility verification, innovative development, and engineering scale-up of new materials, processes, and technologies.

Our company is one of the leading manufacturer of parallel corotating twin screw extruders in China, with independent R&D. Nanjing Jieya is customer-oriented and experienced at different plastic compounding fields and industries, which will bring better service experience and create higher value for customers. Feel free to contact us!

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