We focused on the co-rotating twin screw compounding extruders with the core of the various R&D and manufacturing, such as twin screw extruder, mini twin screw extruder, plastic extruder and parallel twin screw extruder, etc. the application covers compounding mixing modified granulation, polymerization, devolatilization, step molding renewable recycling and other fields.
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Filler Masterbatch

Filler masterbatch is one of the main applications for twin screw extruders. JIEYA provides the advanced extruders for all kinds of filler masterbatch, such as PE, PP, EVA, ABS, PC, PS, etc with high percentage of calcium carbonate, talc, Tio2, Sio2, Baso4, etc compounding. We can offer you the best solution based on your formula, output and application request.

Color Masterbatch

Color masterbatch is an indispensable part of the plastic industry. It can not only give colorful plastic products, improve the value of commodities, improve some properties of plastics, but also give special optical properties of materials. We offer entire plant from pre-mixing to packaging system with output range from 50-600kg per hour. To make color masterbatch, such as PE, PP, ABS, EVA, PS, PBT, PET, etc with pigment and additives.

Biodegradable Plastic

Biodegradable plastics, or bioplastics, are derived from renewable raw materials like plant starch, cellulose, soy protein, and lactic acid and are biodegradable because microorganisms consume them as a food source. To protect the environment, biodegradable plastic is an irresistible trend. We provide a complete line for bio-plastics compounding to make biodegradable masterbatch used for film bags, meal box, packaging fields, etc.

Cable Compounding

We're specialized in producing advanced extruders for all kinds of cable compounding. The cable compounding could be divided into 3 parts below:

  1. Silane XLPE cable compounding (two step and suitable for cable below 10kv)
  2. Peroxide XLPE cable compounding (for cable 10-35kv)
  3. HFFR (Halogen Free Flame Retardant) cable Compounding
Thermoplastic Elastomers

Thermoplastic elastomer is a new type of polymer material between rubber and resin. It can not only replace part of rubber, but also modify plastics. The dual properties and wide characteristics of rubber and plastic of thermoplastic elastomer make it widely used in the rubber industry to manufacture rubber shoes, rubber cloth and other daily products and hoses, tapes, rubber strips, rubber sheets, rubber parts and adhesives, etc. We're committed to providing advanced extruder for all kinds of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE/TPV/TPU/TPR, etc) compounding.

Engineering Plastic

The engineering plastics (such as PA, PC, ABS, PET, PPS, PEEK, etc.), have been used in the fields of electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, transportation, aerospace manufacturing, national defense and military industry, etc. JIEYA provides twin screw extruders specially designed for this application including short fiber reinforce compounding and long-fiber thermoplastic. High torque type twin screw extruders and loss in weight feeding systems are optional, which can further improve the performance of machines and increases the output.

PVC Compounding

Take advantage of twin-screw extruder and single screw extruder. Twin-screw extruder realizes transportation, high effective plasticizing and compounding, dispersion. Two stage machine can also increase the variable operation and realize the process. Higher effective and production capacity. Good at process heat-sensitive material and devolatilization operation.  JIEYA can provide two stage (twin screw+single screw) extruders for rigid/soft PVC cable compounding with over 20 years experience.

Special Application

Besides the main applications, there are also many other types of plastic compounding for special applications, including polymerization and devolatilization, Wood Plastic Compounding (WPC), PP melt blown compounding, grafting compounding, etc. Nanjing JIEYA provides the entire production system to provide customers with a full range of solutions.

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