chinese double screw extruder
chinese double screw extruder

Jieya Extruder

For Compounding Extrusion System
With the most experienced technical team , Jieya could supply a modern and advanced range of co-rotating twin screw extruders that ranges from standard  twin screw extruder to high-torque twin screw extruder to cover a very wide range of plastic compounding applications.The extruders, entirely designed and manufactured by Jieya, are supplied with modular designed screws barrels and elements, gearboxes,feeding&pelletizing system,applied to various working conditions.
What makes us outstanding is the innovation capability.we keep making new attempts at plastic compounding field,not only developing new applications but also diversifying our products,from twin screw compounding extruder,single screw extruder, underwater pelletizing ,screw elements to two-rotor continous processer for polymerization and devolatilization.
We firmly stick to 'Innovation drived,Service first ''principle,  aiming to create value for our customer over a long time.

Featured Products

SHJ Series Twin Screw Extruders

SHJ-75 Twin Screw Compounding Extruder
High dispersion Perfomance with two co-rotating intermeshing screws.Torque rating grade: T/A3≤8 domestic standard major parts.

HT Series Twin Screw Extruders

HT-75 high torque-2 
HT stands for ‘High Torque’  designed for customers require medium-to-large batch production sizes and high production rates 

Two Stage Extruder

The 1st stage is SHJ/HT series co-rotating twin screw  extruder for compounding. The 2nd stage is SJ series single screw extruder for building pressure and  extrusion  

Twin Rotor Self-Clean Processor

TRP Twin Rotor Self-Clean Processor
New chemical processing equipment for high-viscositymaterials.Usedfor polymerization reactiondevolatilization,phase change crystallization,distrubition mixing,etc

  • What’s the differences between twin screw and single screw extruders?

    The mainly differences is that single screw extruder is suitable for single material extrusion, for example, single granule, flakes, film, etc while twin screw extruder is suitable used for compounding.
  • What’s the different cutting systems of plastic extruders?

    It includes strand cutting, water ring die face cutting, air cooling hot face cutting and underwater cutting. Different formula is with different cutting system.
  • What kind of plastic extruders Jieya supply?

    Were specialized in manufacturing twin screw compounding extruders, single screw extruders and two stage extruders with over 20 years experience.
  • What’s the differences between standard and high torque plastic extruders?

    It includes main motor power kw differences, coupler differences, torque grade of gear box differences, shaft material differences and output differences. If customers require high torque, high output and high performance plastic extruder, we recommend high torque type.
  • How to select plastic extruder?

    We will offer the best suitable solution after getting customers basic formula and specific requirement. All of our plastic extruders are custom-built to meet more and more customers needs with output from small-scale production to large-scale production.
  • What is plastic extruder?

    Plastic extruders include twin screw extruders, single screw extruders and multi-screw exruders. It can be matched with various kinds of downstream lines to make granules, pipes, films, sheet, straps, etc. 

About Jieya

Nanjing Jieya Extrusion Equipment Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2004.Driven by technological innovation strategy, we are at the forefront of plastic compounding field. After nealy 20 years' development, Jieya has become Top 5 co-rotating twin screw extruder manufacturer in China.We have 20000 square meter modern workshop with annual sales of more than 350 sets of various compounding lines.
The success of Nanjing Jieya in the market is inseparable from the customerized machine processing and innovative compounding technology in new applications.Equipped with modern machining center,we in-door manufacture key components of the twin screw extruder, screw barrel,and gearbox.In this way, we could guarantee quality control of the product.Adequate inventory of most important extruder parts is ready for delivery,in accordance with the goal to keep customers operating at peak efficiency. 
More over we provide a wide range of services such as technical service, testing laboratory, refurbishing of used systems, training and many others.
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For us designer and manufacturer, we have great responsibility to ensure that the product will conform to customer requirements, comply with specification, meet cost targets, and ensure quality in every aspect of the product, including its manufacture and assembly.
For us extruder designer and manufacturer, we have great responsibility to ensure that the twin screw extruder system will conform to customer requirements, comply with specification, meet cost targets, and ensure quality in every aspect of the product, including its manufacture and assembly.

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Meet Nanjing Jieya AT Chinaplas 2024

Nanjing Jieya will be attending 话题标签#Chinaplas2024 in Shanghai from April 23rd to 26th @ HALL 2.1 STAND C71. Diego Dell'Anna will be happy to welcome you and share our latest advances in modern 话题标签#Compounding, 话题标签#Recycling and Direct 话题标签#Extrusion lines and systems. Looking forward to see you t

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Invitation Letter for NPE Orlando 2024

Dear customers,NPE 2024 will take place at the Orange County Convention Center, May 6-10, 2024. Here we sincerely invite you to visit our booth: S26079E. Jieya team look forward to your coming :)

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Twin Screw Extruder Barrel Configuration:Close Barrel

Closed Barrel SectionsThe most common barrel section design is, of course, the closed barrel section (Fig. 2). This barrel section fully encases the polymer melt on all four sides of the extruder with only a figure 8 opening through the center for the screws.

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Twin Screw Extruder Barrel Types:Open Barrel

The design of the twin-screw extruder provides an advantage over other plastic processes. Full flexibility gives the process engineer the ability to configure the extruder to optimize the process and produce the best properties attainable.

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Celebrating Nanjing Jieya Company's 20th Birthday

Last sunday,we celebrated our 20th anniversary of establishment of Jieya company. Twenty years ago, armed with dreams, confidence, and unwavering determination, we embarked on a journey that carved out our own path in the vast business ocean. From a small group in the beginning to the large family w

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Extruder Barrel Maintenance And Troubleshooting Common Issues

Barrel MaintenanceProper maintenance of the twin screw extruder barrel is critical for performance and safety. The barrel should be kept clean and free of material buildup through regular cleaning procedures.Cleaning ProceduresAfter each job, thoroughly clean the barrel using purge compounds designe

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How To Improve The Wear Resistance of The Extruder Barrel

In the process of compounding extrusion production, various chemical additives are often added to improve the overall performance of the products. However, this practice can lead to increased wear and corrosion of the twin-screw extruder screw and barrel. This not only results in a significant waste

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A devolatilization extruder is a specialized type of extrusion equipment used in the processing of polymers to remove volatile components from the material. Volatile components can include solvents, monomers, or other substances that are present in the polymer melt. The devolatilization process is c

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For us extruder designer and manufacturer, we have great responsibility to ensure that the twin screw extruder system will conform to customer requirements, comply with specification, meet cost targets, and ensure quality in every aspect of the product, including its manufacture and assembly.

Product Applications

We focused on the parrallel co-rotating twin screw extruders with the core of the various R&D and manufacturing, such as co rotating twin screw extruder, mini lab twin screw extruder, single screw extruder and  two rotor processor etc.  Our strength area covers masterbatch production,blending modification ,reactive compounding, polymerization reaction,  devolatilization, mechanical recycling,biopolymer compounding and other plastic compounding applications. 

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