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Twin Rotor Processor


  • New high-efficient chemical processing equipment for high viscosity material systems.

  • Used for various polymerization reactions (polycondensation, polyaddition), high-capacity devolatilization, evaporating concentration, phase-change crystallization, heat and mass transfer, distribution mixing, and other operations.

Jieya devolatilization extrusion system shows advantages:

  • Integrates the self-cleaning capability of the twin-screw extruder with the ability to handle high-viscosity materials, the large heat exchange area of the thin-film evaporator, and the large working volume of the reaction vessel, overcoming inherent weaknesses and bottlenecks of each traditional processing equipment.

  • Unique different speed intermeshing two screw structure with excellent self-cleaning, superior distribution mixing effects, and outstanding heat and mass transfer and interface renewal

  • Ample working volume and gas space, easily meeting the requirements for continuous reactions with long residence times, exhaust devolatilization operations with high volatile content, and large-scale industrial production capacity needs.

  • Both the main body and two screws can be heated or cooled, providing a larger heat exchange area.

  • Lower shear rates significantly reduce damage to the performance of sensitive materials.

  • Can meet the demanding requirements of complex operations such as high vacuum, explosion-proof,

  • toxic, and phase changes in accompanying material systems.

  • Jieya has modular, multifunctional TRP and two-rotor reaction devolatilization complete experimental devices, providing strong support for the feasibility verification, innovative development, and engineering scale-up of new materials, processes, and technologies.

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