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Different Pelletizing Systems

Air Cooling Strand Pelletizing

In air cooling strand pelletizing, polymer strands exit from the die head and the strands are cooled by conveyor belt and automatically conveyed to the strand pelletizer. The cooling is done by special air fans with high cooling capacity.
Air cooling strand pelletizing line can be used to processing and application of partial high polymer material, including PVC, LLDPE, mastebatch, hihg filling caco3 masterbatch, degradable masterbatch, high density carbon masterbatch, and so on.

Underwater Pelletizing

Underwater pelletizing system is good for most of polymers. Especially for TPU and TPV or similar elastomer, its advantage plays well.
It consists of drive valve, die head, pelletizing unit, bypass line, water recycling unit and centrifugal dehydrator.
It is widely used for elastomer plastics, modified plastics, hot melt adhesive, micro plastics, biobased plastics, medical plastics, recycled plastics, etc with the advantage of wide applications and high efficiency.

Water Ring Die Face Pelletizing

For water ring die face pelletizing , molten polymer flows into multiple holes arranged in a circular pattern in a die plate and is cut into pellets as it emerges from the die face. The cutting is accomplished by a series of rotating knives that are also arranged in a circular pattern. After that, it goes into the centrifugal dewatering for water removal.

It is suitable for filler masterbatch, cabon black masterbatch, grafting compounding, etc.

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