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Different Pelletizing System And Their Characteristic


1.Water Cooling Strand Pelletizing System

It consists of strand die, water bath, air knife and pelletizer. Customers can also choose vibrating sieve, 
product silo, packing scale, etc as their process needs.
It has a characteristics of simple structure, easy operation and maintenance with economical price, 
so widely used in polymer cutting process. The final granules is in cylindrical shape.

2. Air Cooling Strand Pelletizing System

It consists of strand die, conveying belt, pelletizer, vibrator and product silo.
It is suitable for bio-degradable compounding process, which has high requirement 
on moisture. But due to its slow cooling effect, it requires long length in customers’ facility.

3.Water Ring Die Face Pelletizing System

It consists of water ring hot face cutting die, hot cutting pelletizer, centrifugal dewatering, 
vibrator and product silo. Drying system and packing system can be selected as customers’ needs.
  • Final granules is uniform and beautiful
Uniform and beautiful granules is beneficial to the stability of product production and 
product quality control.
  • Few occupied space
The standard strand pelletizing is with long water bath or conveying belt, which has a 
long whole length while water ring die face pelletizing needs few occupied space.
  • Labour saving
For stand pelletizing, the strands may broken during the production. Operators have to
 make the strips again which cause the material and labour waste. However, for using 
water ring pelletizing, normal production will not be affected whether the screen is 
changed or the extrusion is unstable.
This cutting system is suitable for high filled compounding, cable compounding, 
thermoplastic elastomer, etc.

4.Air Cooling Die Face Pelletizing System

It consists of air cooling hot-cutting die head, pelletizer, first-stage cyclone system, second-stage 
cyclone system, vibrating sieve and product silo.
The cutting system incorporates with a tandem extruders. Suitable for PVC cable materials, 
shoe sole materials, transparent bottle materials, medical materials, etc., low-smoke halogen-free 
or low-halogen flame-retardant cable materials, EVA shielding materials: PE, EVA carbon black master batch, etc.

5.Underwater Pelletizing

It consists of melt pump, drive valve, die head, pelletizer, bypass line, water recycling unit, 
centrifugal dehydrator, vibrating sieve and product silo.
1. Advanced underwater pelletizing system equipment technology ensures that the polymer melt is cooled and 
cut stably in the water, giving the pellets unparalleled consistency and appearance quality.
2. The advanced underwater pelletizing system technology ensures that it can be adapted to the pelletizing of 
many kinds of melt materials.
3. Closed pelletizing and molding process to achieve environmentally friendly production
4. Simplified structure, occupying few production site space

Polyolefin and its blends pelletizing, elastomer TPE TPR TPV pelletizing, hot melt adhesive PA PS EVA TPU pelletizing, 
biodegradable material PLA PHA PCL PBS PVA pelletizing, PVC PS SAN ABS pelletizing, PMMA POM PC, PET, PBT PPS pelletizing, etc.
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