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Nanjing JlEYA is the leading manufacturer extruder manufacturer specializing in twin screw extruder, mini twin screw extruder, plastic extruder and parallel twin screw extruder in China, which is widely used in compounding, modification, polymerization, devolatilization, reaction, recycling, etc. After 17 years development, now we have 20,000 square meters workshop with annual sales over 300+ sets, export over 60 countries.

JIEYA has the most experienced technical core team, with extensive experience in system integration of the development manufacturing, materials processing, application technology andother fields.
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Company persists in the tenet of ‘quality first, customer uppermost’, warmly welcome new and old clients to come to cooperate.

The company focused on the co-rotating twin screw compounding extruders with the core of the various R&D and manufacturing, such as twin screw extruder, mini twin screw extruder, plastic extruder, parallel twin screw extruder and so on, the application covers compounding mixing modified granulation, polymerization, devolatilization, step molding, renewable recycling and other fields.
Characteristics Advantages
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    We are the industry-leading in the sales volume, based on extensive experience in the practical application of accumulated Jieya's continuous improvement & perfection in the products, making sure that the quality of twin screw extruder, plastic extruder and plastic granules making machine tends to be more perfect and stable.

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    The company's core team has worked more than twenty years in the industry engaged in the technical staff. Device configuration can be perfectly adapted to the process requirements of twin screw extruder, plastic extruder, single screw extruder, plastic granules making machine and so on.​​​​​​​

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    Advanced high-precision fabrication platform leads the industry, the company has more than ten sets of CNC processing centers, used for processing and manufacturing twin screw extruder, plastic extruder, single screw extruder, plastic granules making machine and so on,fabricating the mainly parts, the precision reaches international advanced level.
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    Logistics ensures that the supply of equipment components such as twin-screw extruders and plastic extruders is sufficient and impeccable, the company has a number of well-trained and experienced service engineers. The response and handling got a good reputation from our customers.

Mega Platform for Assembly

We have 10,000 square meters modern assembly workshop, with an annual production capacity for 500 sets of various types of assembly production line, with the assembly of large complete sets of production test function line.
Good Tools are essential things, precision CNC machines are used for processing the core parts, we are the industry-leading of the precision parts, gearing to international standards. We ahve HC630A, HC500 horizontal CNC machining centers, EMV850N, VC1265A vertical CNC milling centers, CK6150 CNC lathe, LWM1420, dedicated threaded sleeve CNC grinding machine is the core of the total more than 50 sets of various types of machining equipment,used for processing and manufacturing twin screw extruder, plastic extruder, single screw extruder, plastic granules making machine and so on
Processing center.

01 Before Sale

 Introducing products & applications of twin screw extruder in details
 Planning economic and practical equipment program
 Offering testing service

02 Mid-sales Service

 Planning and design the equipment in the workshop, proposing public engineering specifications
 Communicating with customers for project progress at anytime
 Discussing with customers about the needs: technological conditions, screw segment combination, barrel permutation etc.

03 After Sale Service

 Supplying installation, test, local technician training
 Establishing a detailed customer files
 Plenty spare parts, ready to deliver spare parts all the time.
 Supplying the new products' adjusting service
 Institutionalized customer visiting,  feedback device usage information timely

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