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To Be An Innovator In Compounding Technology



''China market is developing very fast,Twin-screw extruder manufacturer must keep up with customer demands in order to gain a foothold in the market''

Nanjing Jieya has focus on manufacturing twin screw  compounding extruder machine since 2004 For the past 20 years,Jieya is highly acknowleged  for the success  in the compounding field,especially in Fluoropolymers. 
Jieya is also seeking development in the new compounding applications. We independently innovate twin-screw devolatilization extruder to meet the growing demand of  compounds with low VOC and low residuet; as well as new extruder system  with high corrosion resistance and wear resistance which could undertake processing task of special polymers at extremely strict working conditions. 
We aim to be an innovator in compounding technology and adhere to the principle of"Innovation Drived,Service first,Keep improving''.

---Head Of Sales&Market,Ivan Chen
barrel for twin screw extruder
Jieya extrusion

Not only assemble

But Innovate 

CNC Machining Centre

  • In-house Manufacturing
    Help customer maximize their investment and keep customer operating at high efficiency are the basic logic of our business.

    Equipped with industry-leading precision CNC machine center,we have in-house manufacturing capability of processing the core spare parts(gearbox, screws shafts,elements and barrels) gearing to international standards.
    That is why we could provide high quality product  at a reasonable price and react to customer's feedback instantly,such as spare part support, modifying the machine for new application.
china extruder manufacture

Mega Assembly Platform

We have 10,000 square meters modern assembly workshop, with an annual production capacity for 500 sets of production line for wide range plastic compounding applications, as well as large complete compounding lines for conducting customers' R&D tests. The delivery speed is very fast, very satisfied with a shopping. 
We own a thorough product inspecting system ,ensuring every  production line will operate effetively and stably over for a long time period .And this is why Jieya gains a lot of praise and trust from our customers.
twin screw extruder factory
twin screw extruder factory
twin screw extruder factory

Professional Technical Team

  • General technical officer has worked for nearly 40 year in  plastic machinery industry.
    Technical staff have worked for company  average 10 years  .
    The company has a number of well-trained and experienced service engineers.
    The quick response with a solution get a good reputation from our customers​​​​​​​.

    Strict standards
    Advanced high-precision fabrication platform leads the industry.
    Equipped with more than 30 sets of CNC processing centers for  manufacturing extruder machines and auxiliary equipment, precision reaches international advanced level

    Independent R&D
    We not only provide a machine but design the complete process solutions.We understand what customers are expecting and know how to solve the problem.

    High market share
    We are the industry-leading in the sales volume with 350 production lines annually for plastic compounding applications.
    This allows us to accumulate extensive experience, meanwhile achieve economy of scale.

International Team


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