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 Lab Scale Extruder

JIEYA design and manufacture lab twin screw extruders,lab single screw extruders for universities or research laboratory aim  at studying the synthesis , processing or modification  of materials as well as companies doing innovative  experiment before mass produciton.Meanwhile, they are also popular among customers from hollow fiber extrusion, pharma industry and food industry.
Catering to a broader range of process requirements, SHJ-20 and SHJ-30 ,SHJ-36 lab extruder can be combined with a various feeder solutions and multiple downstream equipment. You can choose different configurations according to your processing task.
Twin Screw Lab Extruder With Strand Line Pelletizing System

Configuration of Lab Twin Screw Extruder

Feeders Volumetric/gravimetric/liquid feeders
Conveying & Kneading System Barrel
Screw Shaft & Elements
Heating & cooling system    
Downstream Equipment Cooling and pelletizing system
Control system PLC

Layout of SHJ-20 twin screw lab extruderL/D=46

Layout of SHJ-30 twin screw extruder L/D=40

Why Choose Lab Extruder ?

Cost Efficiency: Less Material
SHJ-20 and SHJ-30 lab extruders are the tiny copy of our standard extruders, but cost less.
Lab extruders bring your innovative ideas to reality at controlled cost, especially the raw materials or additives are at a high price and not easy to acquire.
Meanwhile,it requires less new material to clean up the residue to start a new experiment or production line. In this way, the materials are saved.

Time  Efficiency: Less Time
Thanks to compact size, Lab extruders are easier to install, operate, and change configuration when you adjust formula. Time will be saved. You can realize continuous production and accumulate experiment data in relatively shorter time.

Modular Design: Accurate Control
Our lab extruder consisted of segmented screw and barrels. Modular design allows accurate temperature and pressure control of conveying , kneading and forming the extrudates .As result, the product quality of extrudates can be well controlled.

Benefit From Jieya Lab Extruder

We focus on twin screw extruder manufacturing for nearly 20 years. We provide not only machine but also solutions.

There are over 7000 sets of our machine running everday across the world. Quality is our cornerstone and foundation.

We firmly inherit the principle of Customer First and further set up criteria to standardize our services quality.

we continuously improve product and management process. we are growing up with customers!


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