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Compounding Inteligence Manufacturing(2): Twin Screw Extruder Seminar

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-09-14      Origin: Site


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 A grand party for plastic modification industry

As a Chinese saying goes ,'Two heads are better than one'. It is important to learn from industry peers and keep up with them.First day at CIM, we attend two seminars held by Leisteriz and Coperion pioneers in twin screw extruder manufacturing and benefit a lot .


shared  about lab build-up and scale-up from trials to production.Concerns about how to choose a suitable  laboratory extruder may include:

Plant size and investment

Mass production line orientation

Features of products expensive/abrasion/coroosive

Process limitation-torque/volume/degassing/temp

Nanjing jieya extrusion equipment, a Chinese leading manufacturer,also provide lab service for formulation and process research. Before performing a experiment, we should keep in mind:

Characteristic of raw materials, such as material form: pellet or powder, Bulk density, melting point

Parameters and features of extruder: machine size

Process conditions: speed output, temperature, Pelletizer type, feeding position, loss in weight feeder type,

Preparation of spare part: barrel and screw configuration,l/d, OD/OI

Cleaning work after trail


  hold workshop on how to configure the screw element and optimize process of polymer modification. As we know,the flexibility of a twin screw extruder attributes to the segmented screws and barrels . It can be divided into intake zone, melt zone, convey , mix, venting , homogenize, vacuum   devolatilization   and metering zone.  screw elements in each zone is differently designed to suit the process task.

Moreover , people discuss some challenges and problem encouterd in production of compounds.

For example:

How to improve efficiency of a extruder when making filler masterbatch?

The main challenge is powder feeding and dispersion.To solve output limitation, two solutions should may help

1.Improve feeding efficiency by improving screw speed and  adopt split feeding.

2.Improve dispersion performance by optimizing screw assemble .

3.When producing PMMA pellet by water cooling strand cutting, how to reduce the dust ?

Underwater pelletizing may be a better option



Communication always brings out new idea, If you have any questions about twin screw extrusion technology , we are happy to discuss with you !

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