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HT-72 High Torque Twin Screw Extruder for PP Melt Blown Compounding

Affected by corona virus, face masks become a necessity in our life. Therefore, the raw material of masks: non-woven fabrics and meltblown materials are now selling hot. 
Nanjing JIEYA company is a professional manufacturer of producing PP meltblown material and non-woven fabric granules with over 17 years experience.

HT-72 High Torque Twin Screw Extruder Special Design for PP Melt Blown Compounding 

to help you make melt blown fabric/cloth filter for face mask.


Raw Material: PP powder, anti-oxident, calcium stearate, etc.

Final Material: PP MFI 1500 g/10min

Output: 450-550kg/h (depending on the process and formula)

Basic parameters:

Model: HT-72

Screw diameter: φ71mm


Screw diameter: 60-600rpm

Main motor: 250kw

Gear box: high torque type (self-made); torque grade (T/A3)≥9.2;

Can also be equipped with imported gear box according to customer's requirement.

Torque protector (imported)

Total heating power: ~110kw

Installed power: ~400kw

Production process:

PP Melt Blown Compounding 5

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