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Here We Come! 20th AP-Rubber Plas Exhibition

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-07-20      Origin: Site


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The 20th Asia Pacific Internationl Rubber and Plastic Industry Exhibition is helding from 18th-21th July,Qingdao. It is an influential exhibition in China, so most plastic machinery and materials companies attend this event,including plastic compounding extruder manufacturers like us.


Have a stop at our booth,Let's see what is going on ! Exhibited machine is from our HT-Series ('HT'means high Torque,Specific Torque>11 )with imported gearbox .The other machine is two rotor self-clean reactor,for high viscosity polymer devolitilization , polycondensation and other special application.


'' Recycled Plastic " is new upcoming trend in the future when government are calling on '' Circular economyPeople are interested in the video presenting recycled PS/PP/ABS plastic production line at our booth.These waste plastics are mainly from automotive ,appliance. Twin screw extrusion lines is widely used for compoundidng and upgrading them . 


Face to Face Communication is always the prime advantage of exhibition. We are expecting to share you with project experience , product details and solutions according our knowledge! 

Hope to see you at next Exhibition!


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