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Invitation of Chinaplas 2023

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  Chinaplas 2023 is coming soon, which is going to held in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center during April 17-20, 2023.

This time, we will exhibit three types of machines.

1. SHJ-36 model twin screw extruder

Basic parameter:
Main motor: 18.5kw
L/D: 40
Pelletizing system: underwater pelletizing (self-made)
Output: 20-80kg per hour
Suitable for elastomer plastics, modified plastics, hot melt adhesive, micro plastics, biobased plastics, medical plastics, recycle plastics, etc.

2. HT-63 model high torque twin screw extruder

Basic parameter:
Main motor: 200kw
L/D: 40
Torque grade: T/A3≥9.7N.m/cm3

Suitable for filler/color masterbatch, engineering plastic, thermoplastic elastomer, biodegradable plastic, etc.

3. TPR-120Twin Rotor Self-Clean Processor

Rotor diameter: 120mm
Max. rotational speed: 80rpm
Motor power: 15kw
Mainly used for various polymer reactions and devolatilization operations

Nanjing Jieya welcome your coming. Here's our booth no.: 5D21. We look forward to meet you at there!


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