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JieYa At China Synthetic Resin New Material EXPO 2023

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-06-16      Origin: Site


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China Synthetic Resin New Material Industrial development Conference& Expo is helding at Wuxi,China on 15-17th June . A lot of domestric and foreign famous chemical enterprises are attending this grand event,such as PetroChina ,Sinopec,Milliken ,Borouge etc;   


In China, the government  is paying more and more attention to low carbon economy. It poses a great challenge to traditional petrochemical  companies.At conference, experts introduced the application of PCR(Post-Consumer Recycled material),recycled PP and  biodegradable polymers. As the saying goes''the progress of mankind is the progress of materials".Companies are showcasing new innovated materials  applicated in automotive, consumer electronics , textils,and new energy industry.They also share the process of recyclying and reusing the recycled  plastics.As proved, twin screw extruder is widely used at granulating and compounding modification of  recycled plastics as well as biopolymers.MORE APPLICATIONS


As a chemical machinery manufacturer, we must configure machine to meet the demand of material processing.  we provide a set  of solution from material  storage,drying,weighing,conveying, mixing,compounding,and pelletizing .We are expecting to grow with customers.

If you have any technical problems about the twin screw extrusion ,we are here waiting for your INQUIRY! 


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