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Meet Nanjing Jieya AT Chinaplas 2024

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-04-17      Origin: Site


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Nanjing Jieya will be attending Chinaplas 2024 in Shanghai from April 23rd to 26th @HALL 6.1 STAND F41. Our management team and all the engineer will be happy to welcome you and share our latest advances in modern Compounding, Recycling and Processing of sticky and highly viscous products.

The centerpiece of the exhibits will be TRP-200 Twin rotor self-clean processor for direct devolatilization processand explore our expertise in how to achieve a better product quality while minimizing residual volatiles.With the design of high surface renewal at lowest mechanical heat input ,Twin rotor procesor is very well suited to remove these residual volatiles in a high viscous polymer solutions,where solvent removal is hinted by lack of evaporation performance.

twin rotor processor devolatilization

Moreover, we will display a running trial of SHJ-36 co-rotating twin screw extruder together with underwater pelletizer. Visitors to the booth can peer inside key components of the extruder system and discuss with our technical  engineer. 

co rotating twin screw extruder with underwater pelletizing

Last but not least, we will demonstrate HT-65 co-rotating twin screw extruder to show our expertise in manufacturing high torque twin screw extruder. With its increased specific torque of 11 Nm/cm³ , the HT series extruder to achieve more throughput with markedly higher product quality. 

Have a stop at our booth and Learn more about the benefits!

high torque twin screw extruder

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