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Screw Loader For Twin Screw Compounding Line

The screw feeder is utilized to transfer the substance from the blender to the double screw extruder. It is appropriate for both small particles and fine particles.
  1.  The Plastic Material Loader is capable of lifting a variety of powdered materials, and both the material tank and rope are made of  stainless steel.

  2. The material chamber is equipped with a vibrating motor, allowing for easy entry of materials into the spiral.

  3.  The feeding motor and vibrating motor have separate switches for control, and the range of vibration can be adjusted. The entire screw can be easily disassembled and cleaned.

  4. This machine is designed with automatic feeding and automatic shutdown features.

  5.  The screw, material tank, and chamber are connected with a flexible joint, enabling easy disassembly. The lower part of the material canister has a flexible door and a switch for both forward and reverse rotation, making it convenient for cleaning purposes.

Nanjing Jieya also offers a high-speed blender, vibrating strainer, storage container for products, vacuum feeder, and more. We enthusiastically encourage you to reach out to us with any inquiries.


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