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Summary of 2021, Prospect of 2022-Nanjing Jieya - China Leading Twin Screw Extruder Manufacturer

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-08-13      Origin: Site


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  Nanjing Jieya Extrusion Equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Jieya") was established in 2004. It has the manufacturing capacity of various types of production lines with an annual production and sales of more than 350 sets. Its comprehensive capability ranks in the forefront of the Nanjing twin screw extruders industry. The company focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of various production lines centered on co-rotating twin-screw extruders and single-screw extruders. The product applications cover compounding, modified granulation, polymerization, devolatilization, one-step molding, and recyclable resources, etc.

  Project Director Mr Chen introduced that every industry has competition, but specific to a certain market segment, the competitors involved are different. Traditional physical blending and modification is the largest market for twin-screw extruders, so the competition is the most intense. For Jieya, the bio-degradable plastic market was changed greatly in 2021, and a considerable part of Jieya’s orders in 2021 also came from this market.


  Mr Chen explained that the reason why bio-degradable plastics are singled out from the traditional blending and modification market is that there have been many entrants in this market in the past two years, which has led to the rapid expansion of the market scale. Therefore, from traditional compounding and extrusion to processing bio-degradable plastics, is it necessary to carry out certain technical reserves? Mr Chen said frankly that it depends on how much bio-degradable plastics companies want to achieve. Just like melt blown materials in 2020, some companies have astonishing shipments, and some companies choose to take the quality to a higher level. The bio-degradable material made by special equipment must be of higher quality.

  Around 2010, Jieya began to get involved in bio-degradable-related projects. During this period, we saw the ups and downs of major companies, and also witnessed the gradual growth of some companies from small to large. Most of these surviving companies are in the bio-degradable market. They started foreign trade before they became popular, and some companies even achieved a market share of about 30% in the export of Chinese vest bags.  

   He also talked about some distressing points in the biodegradable market: at present, the Chinese government has not clearly stipulated the definition and criteria of "bio-degradable". For example, some regions regard photo-degradable as a kind of bio-degradable. Many people oppose this. Mr Chen said that at present, most people in the Chinese market think that 'bio-degradable' is compostable and degradable, and garbage must be sorted and recycled before composting is possible.

  However, Mr Chen is still very optimistic about the development of bio-degradable plastics. Bio-degradable must be the general trend of future social development, but the specific direction remains to be verified. Jieya has a layout for the main bio-degradable plastic categories, such as targeting for many PBAT projects launched in China in the past two years, we are actively discussing with customers whether we can directly use the twin-screw extruder in the polymerization stage to directly make modified materials (without extruding PBAT raw materials). Jieya has also followed up on the project of carbon dioxide production of PPC bio-degradable materials and PGA synthesized with glycolide. At present, the bio-degradable plastics market is still developing and improving. What we need to do now is to develop the corresponding twin-screw technology with the industrial chain. Based on the accumulated experience of a large number of practical applications to continuously improve the stability of the equipment.

  Under the big goal of carbon neutrality, some very big changes have taken place in industries such as home appliances and automobiles. The intuitive impact is that Jieya has recently received some projects for recycling, dismantling, and regranulating waste household appliances, as well as the crushing, recycling, and regranulation of some new energy battery shells, which is also one of the important markets for Jieya in 2021. Mr Chen said that these manufacturers have multiple production lines and large projects, but they are usually new entrants, and usually require suppliers to provide them with whole-plant project planning, so they put forward higher requirements for suppliers' project experience and service capabilities.

  Fluorochemicals, another key application area for which Jieya is recognized. Fluoroplastics are also known as "plastic kings". Their corrosion resistance, solvent resistance, weather resistance and temperature resistance are relatively good, so they are often included in the field of special engineering plastics. The most well-known is the PVDF used with lithium battery binder. In 2021, Jieya also undertook some projects in this field.


   Mr Chen believes that the Chinese market is developing very fast, and twin-screw extruder enterprises must keep abreast of customer needs in order to gain a foothold in the market. Therefore, Jieya is also seeking new development in the upstream links. For example, the twin-screw devolatilization extrusion unit developed to meet the growing demand of downstream customers for products with low VOC and low residue; as well as corrosion resistance and wear resistance under high temperature conditions. The extrusion unit meets the production needs of special products under severe working conditions.

  The success of Nanjing Jieya in the market is inseparable from the technical advantages of its twin-screw extruder equipment: its core components are all self produced, including high-torque gearboxes, extruder barrels, extruder screw elements, screen changer, die, etc. The product quality is stable and controllable, which can meet the personalized customization needs of customers, and the delivery time is flexible. In addition, Jieya stable team has also played a huge advantage. It is said that its sales, technology, management, and after-sales teams have an average of more than 10 years of experience in the industry. They have rich industry experience and are relatively clear about the pain points of various market segments. Provide complete personalized solutions, and can also undertake large and complex complete system projects.

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