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To Be An Innovator In Compounding Technology

''China market is developing very fast,Twin-screw extruder manufacturer must keep up with customer demands in order to gain a foothold in the market''

The success of Nanjing Jieya in the market is inseparable from the customized machine processing and compounding solutions. We possess a modern CNC machining Centre ,allowing us to in-door manufacture core components of the twin screw extruder system including high-torque gearboxes, extruder barrels, extruder screw elements, underwater pelletizing,etc.

Moreover, Jieya is also seeking development in the new compounding applications. We independently innovate twin-screw devolatilization extruder to meet the growing demand of  compounds with low VOC and low residuet; as well as new extruder system  with high corrosion resistance and wear resistance which could undertake processing task of special polymers at extremely strict working conditions. 

We aim to be an innovator in compounding technology and adhere to the principle of"Customer first,Keep improving''.

---CEO,Ivan Chen,Jieya Extrusion
barrel for twin screw extruder
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