The raw material must be metered before going to the twin screw compounding extruder 
through volumetric feeding (when the accuracy required is not high) or gravimetric feeding
 (when required separated metering and high accuracy). Based on different material forms
 and metering requirement, Nanjing Jieya supply various kinds of feeding systems to meet 
the different processing task.

Volumetric feeding systems:

Volumetric feeding doses based on volume in speed. It only measures the volume 
of the ingredients ( in cubic centimeters or meters).
1.Twin screw feeder:
This type of feeder is suitable for dosing powder and granules.
From the appearance structure, we have two types: square and sphere. With stable metering performance, 
square type twin screw feeder is widely used in general filling and modification application. While for sphere type, 
it is widely used in color materbatch compounding because of its easy assembly and disassembly for fast cleaning.
From the feeder screw, we have intermeshing, non-intermeshing, spring and other types of screw to meet material requirement.
2.Single screw feeder:
For non-standard granules, flakes or regind material, if using twin screw feeder, it will cause the material getting caught. 
So single screw feeder is more suitable.
3.Two stage side feeder:
This type of feeder is suitable for dosing in filling and reinforcement, for example, short glass fiber, talc powder, 
calcium carbonate powder and other inorganic material.
The 1st stage adopts standard twin screw or single screw feeder for metering while 2nd stage adopts forced feeder 
to force the material feeding into the extruder continuously.
4.Conical or double armed forced feeder:
The conical twin screw feeder is used in twin screw extruder while double armed feeder is used in single screw extruder. 
This type of feeder is suitable for dosing the lump material from kneader to the single or twin screw extruder.
5.Liquid feeder:
We also have the metering feeding system especially for liquid form material. It adopts gear,
plunger or diaphragm metering pump as the main unit. According to the characteristics and 
requirements of the raw material, it can be divided into: open-loop economical type and high-precision 
closed-loop type, normal temperature or heating insulation type, explosion-proof type, corrosion-resistant type, etc.
6.Customized feeder:
We can also customized the metering feeding system as customers’ requirements, such as: vibrating feeders, 
counter-rotating non-meshing twin-screw feeders, vertical forced feeders, etc.
Gravmetric feeding system/loss in weight feeding system:
It is a self-calibrating dosing system that doses based on weight in speed. Because the dosing device does not 
weigh the components, it must be calibrated to ensure that the correct mass is dosed over a set period. 
This means it must be recalibrated every time a new material or batch is introduced.
The loss in weight feeding system consists of gravimetric feeders, refill hoppers, vacuum loaders and steel platform.
This feeding system can omit the initial mixing process of materials and avoid the stratification and segregation 
of the premixed system during the feeding process. It can make the production line more continuous, automated, 
energy-saving and efficient. And surely, it is more expensive compared with volumetric feeding. However, you will 
save on expenses in the long run.
Whatever volumetric feeding or gravimetric feeding, it is important to know the customers’ budget and objective. 
And Nanjing Jieya can offer both solutions.

based on volume in speed.
Displacement principle:
require uniform and consistent material supply for feed accuracies


based on weight in speed.
loss-in-weight technology, measures the reduced weight while dosing

Rifill machanism
1.manual pre-mix before fed
2.manual recalibrating when material changes density, bridges above the feed trough or changes its flow behaviors

1.automatic refilling, separate multiple feed streams at the same time
2.Self-calibrating when material fluctuations happen
Suitable for
1.Refilling a loss-in-weight feeder
2.most effective with relatively free-flowing uniform-density materials, such as pellet


1.high feeding accuracy required. (Pharmaceutical , food production)
2 high automation required


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