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Equipment function of PVC compound extruder

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-18      Origin: Site


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PVC compounding extruder is divided into two types of hard and soft RPVC pipes, RPVC pipes are chemically resistant and insulating, mainly transporting various fluids and used as wire sleeves, etc. SPVC pipes are manufactured by extruding PVC resin with a large amount of plasticizer and a certain amount of stabilizer and other additives after granulation. The following is a detailed description of the equipment functions of the PVC compounding extruder.


Here is the content list:

  • High Speed Mixer High-Speed Mixing

  • Accurate matching of feeding device

  • Water tank for pipe forming

  • Traction machine frequency conversion speed control

  • Automatic cutting

  • Unloading the material from the turning frame


High Speed Mixer High-Speed Mixing

Raw material intermixture is to feature PVC stabilizer, softener, inhibitor, and different auxiliary materials to the high-speed mixer in proportion and sequence to the method.

Accurate matching of feeding device

The PVC compounding extruder part is equipped with a quantitative feeding device to match the extrusion volume with the feeding volume to ensure stable extrusion of products. Due to the characteristics of the conical screw, the feeding section has a larger diameter, and the heat transfer area and sheer speed of the material are larger, which is contributive to the plasticization of the fabric and also the little diameter of the screw within the metering section reduces the warmth transfer space and also the sheer speed of the soften so that the melt can be extruded at a lower temperature. When the screw rotates in the barrel, the PVC mixture is plasticized and pushed to the head to achieve compaction, melting, mixing, and homogenization and to achieve the purpose of exhaust and dehydration. The feeding device and screw drive device adopt frequency conversion to realize synchronous speed regulation.

PVC compounding extruder dies head part of the compacted, molten, blended, and homogenized PVC has subsequent materials through the screw to the die head extrusion die head is the key component of pipe forming.

Water tank for pipe forming

The vacuum shaping water tank of PVC compounding extruderis used for pipe shaping and cooling, the vacuum shaping water tank is equipped with vacuum system for shaping and cooling and water circulation system stainless steel box body circulating water spray cooling, the vacuum shaping water tank is equipped with front and rear moving device and left and right, high and low adjustment manual device.

Two Stage Extruder

Traction machine frequency conversion speed control

The traction machine is used to continuously and automatically lead the cooled and hardened pipe from the head with frequency control.

Automatic cutting

The cutting machine is controlled by the travel switch according to the required length and then automatically cut and delay the turning frame to implement the flow of production, the cutting machine with a fixed-length work switch signal as a command to complete the whole process of cutting in the cutting process and pipe running synchronization cutting process is completed by electric and pneumatic drive, the cutting machine is equipped with a dust suction device to suck out the cutting debris and recycling.


Unloading the material from the turning frame

The material turning action is controlled by the cylinder through the air circuit to achieve the material turning frame is equipped with a limit device when the cutting saw cut off the pipe after the pipe continues to transport after a delay, the cylinder into the work of turning action to achieve the purpose of unloading. After unloading, it will be automatically reset after a delay of several seconds to wait for the next cycle.


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