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  • Working Principle Of A Twin Screw Extruder

    The twin screw extrusion machine consists of two parallel screws that rotate in opposite directions and are housed inside a barrel.The process is based on the principle of plasticization and homogenization of the raw material in the presence of heat and pressure.

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  • Filler Modify Compound

    The method of adding other inorganic or organic substances (additives) to the polymer to change its mechanical properties, processing properties, performance or cost reduction is called filling modification. According to the form of inorganic or organic additives and the effect on performance improv

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  • Pollution to solution:Recycle fishing nets to new Pellets

    Mechanical recycling can be used for a range of fishing net materials, such as Nylon, HDPE and PP.Mechanical recycling is a more common process where the nets are mechanically shredded and the melted back down to pellets, for direct use or further modification to improve the properties. Extruder is the essential equipment in the mechanical recycling process, with its functions of melting and compounding the recycled plastics with filller ,additives to improve the properties .

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  • Twin Screw Extruder for PPR Compounding

    We're a professional manufacturer of twin screw extruders since 2004 and we have rich experience in this filed. Our extruders have good dispersion ability and high performance with capacity from 500kg-2000kg per hour.

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  • Gravimetric Feeding System

    Product Description Weigh the complete feeding system (silo, feeder and bulk material) through static scales and control the discharge flow of bulk materials through variable speed motors or electric vibrators. Material is discharged from the system (via screw, vibrating tube or trough), the "loss"

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