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How to maintain a single-screw extruder?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-19      Origin: Site


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As common extruder equipment used in the plastic processing industry, single screw extruder is mainly used for extruding soft and hard PVC, polyethylene, and other thermoplastics, which can process many kinds of plastic products, such as blown film, extruded pipe, pressboard, drawn ribbon, etc. It can also be used for melt pelletizing. The plastic extruder has advanced design, high quality, good plasticization, low energy consumption, involute gear transmission, low noise, smooth operation, high load capacity, and long life. To have a long service life of the machine, maintenance measures are indispensable, the following is a detailed description of the single-screw extruder maintenance measures.


Here is the content list:

  • Daily maintenance.

  • Regular maintenance.


Daily maintenance.

1. Because the electrical control system of single-screw extruder has high requirements for ambient temperature and dustproof, the electrical system should be separated from the production site, and install ventilation or ventilation fan, it is recommended that the electrical control cabinet in a simple room, keep the room clean, ventilation, so that the indoor temperature is not higher than 40 ℃.

2. Single-screw extruderis not allowed to run empty, so as not to roll the screw and machine simple hair. Host start idling is not allowed to exceed 100r / min; start the host first low speed, after starting the host to check for abnormal noises and then slowly increase the host speed to within the allowable range of the process (can be adjusted to the best state is good). When the new machine is breaking in, the current load should be at 60-70%, and the current in normal use should preferably not exceed 90%. Note: If an abnormal sound occurs when the extruder is running, it should be stopped immediately for inspection or repair.

3. Turn on the oil pump first and turn off the oil pump after shutting down the machine; keep the water pump working during the whole production process and do not stop the pump to avoid the barrel temperature rising and causing the material in the barrel to decompose and carbonize; the asbestos wind cover of the main motor fan needs to be cleaned often to avoid the dust sticking too much to block the wind cover and cause the motor to overheat and trip due to insufficient heat dissipation.

4. Clean up the dust and dirt, tools, and debris on the surface of the unit in time.



Regular maintenance.

1.Regularly check the screws and other fasteners on the surface of the single-screw extruder unit for looseness and timely and proper tightening. The lubricant level of the transmission box should be added or replaced promptly (the dirt at the bottom of the oil tank should be cleaned regularly). For new machines generally, 3 months to replace the oil, after that every six months to a year. The oil filter and oil suction pipe should be cleaned regularly (once a month).

2. Single screw extruder gearbox maintenance and general standard reducer are the same. The main thing is to check the wear and failure of gears and bearings.

3, When reinstallation please note that A, B two screws must be in the original position, can not be replaced! After the installation of the new combination of the screw on the machine, you must first use the hand pan car, such as normal rotation before the low-speed start. Screw or barrel for a long time without use, there should be anti-rust and anti-fouling measures, the screw should be placed hanging. If the threaded block is with fire, the flame should be moved left and right, while burning to clean up, and can not burn too much (blue ringers red), not to mention the thread block into the water.

4. Regularly calibrate the temperature control instrument to check the correctness of its adjustment and the sensitivity of its control.

5. In the barrel with a cooling water tank, must be used distilled water to prevent the formation of scale blocking the cooling water channel in the barrel, resulting in temperature failure. Pay attention to the appropriate amount of water in use to prevent scaling. If the blockage should be changed down the cylinder specific maintenance, no blockage and the water output is small indicates that there is scale, the tank water should be changed to dilute hydrochloric acid swishing cycle, clear scale to normal and then change the distilled water. General water in the tank is used to cool the barrel, and the natural water we pass is used to cool the tank. Regularly check the water quality of the cooling water tank, if there is turbidity, should be replaced promptly.

6.Check whether the solenoid valve is working properly, the coil has not burned out if there is a timely replacement.

7. The temperature does not rise to quite the temperature continues to rise and fall may exist for the following reasons: whether the day electric couples loose fall; heater relay is working properly; solenoid valve is working properly, timely replacement of deformation of the heater, and tighten the screws.

8. Timely clean up the dirt in the vacuum tank, and the material in the exhaust chamber so that the pipeline is smooth. Vacuum pump seals need to be replaced promptly if there is wear and tear regular inspection, the output shaft jumping is bearing damage and shaft fracture must be opened and replaced, such as the gearbox two output shaft bearing position wear is too serious, the box must be replaced to avoid greater loss of failure.

9, To drive the screw rotation of the DC motor to focus on checking the brush wear and contact, the insulation resistance value of the motor whether in the specified value should also be measured frequently. In addition, check the connection line and other components that are rusted, and the use of protective measures.

10. When the single-screw extruder needs to stop using for a long time, should be in the screw, Jane, the head, and other working surfaces coated with anti-rust grease. The small screw should be suspended in the air or placed in a special wooden box, and a wooden block pad flat, so as not to deform the screw or bruise.

11. Single-screw extruder attached to the cooling water pipe wall is prone to scale external corrosion and rust. Maintenance should be carefully checked, too much scale will block the pipeline, can not achieve the cooling effect, rust will be serious leaks, so maintenance must take descaling and anti-corrosion cooling measures.

12. Designate a person responsible for the maintenance of equipment. And each maintenance and repair detailed record is included in the plant equipment management files.


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