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How to use PVC compounding extruder?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-20      Origin: Site


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PVC compounding extruder is divided into RPVC pipe and SPVC pipe, RPVC pipe is easy to cut, welding, bonding, heating can be bent and therefore very easy to install and use. SPVC pipe has excellent chemical stability excellent electrical insulation and good flexibility and colorability this pipe is often used to replace rubber pipe to transport liquid and corrosive media also used as cable casing and wire insulation pipe, etc. So how do choose raw materials and the operation of PVC compounding extruder? The following is a detailed introduction


Here is the content list:

  • Raw material selection

  • Safety operating procedures


Raw material selection

PVC compounding extruder in the production of hard pipe resin should be selected from the lower polymerization degree of SG-5 resin polymerization degree of the higher its physical and mechanical properties and heat resistance is better, but the resin liquidity is poor to bring some difficulties in processing, so generally choose viscosity of 1.7 ~ 1.8 × 10-3Pa-s SG-5 resin is appropriate. Hard pipe generally uses lead-based stabilizers whose thermal stability is good commonly used trisodium lead but its lubricity is poor usually and good lubricity of lead, barium soap type and use. Processing hard tube lubricant selection and use are very important to consider both internal lubrication to reduce intermolecular forces to reduce the viscosity of the melt are conducive to molding and to consider external lubrication to prevent the melt and hot metal adhesion to make the product surface shiny. Internal lubrication is generally used metal soap type external lubrication with low melting point wax. Filler mainly with calcium carbonate and barium barite powder calcium carbonate to make the pipe surface performance of good barium can improve the molding of the pipe easy to shape both can reduce costs but the amount of too much will affect the performance of the pipe pressure pipe and corrosion-resistant pipe is best not to add or add less filler.

 Two Stage Extruder

Safety operating procedures

1. Personnel without induction test and operation training cannot operate the extruder independently.

2. People who have poor eyesight and slow response can not be on duty to operate.

3. Before starting the machine to do a good job of environmental health around the PVC compounding extruder equipment, equipment around the pile of items not related to production.

4. Check the safety settings of the extruder before production for damage and test whether it can work effectively. Check whether the connection bolts are loose and whether the safety guards are firm.

5. Check the lubrication parts, remove the dirt, and refill the lubricant.

6. PVC compounding extruder barrel and die heating constant temperature time to ensure that the material temperature does not reach the process requirements when driving production.

7. Before starting the screw drive motor to use the hand plate support V pulley, should be flexible rotation, no blocking phenomenon; then start the lubricating oil pump work 3min before starting the screw rotation at low speed.

8. Screw airlift time should not exceed 2 ~ 3min.

9. PVC compounding extruder barrel before adding material to check the barrel, hopper, there is no foreign matter; raw materials should be free of metal, sand, and other impurities to Prevent damage to the screw.

10. The screw starts, the transmission parts work sound normal, the main motor current within the allowable rated value, before allowing the barrel to add material, adding material should first be a small amount of evenly added material.

11. When adjusting the die gap or clearing the dirty material, the operator should wear gloves and not face the barrel and die to prevent the molten material from spraying out of the die and scalding the body.

12. Extruder driving operation is not allowed to repair, and no one is allowed to do any work on the equipment at this time.

13. In case of the following phenomena, should be an emergency stop.

Bearing parts of the high temperature, lubricating oil (grease) out; motor odor, smoke, or shell temperature is too high; speed box lubricating oil temperature, smoke; transmission parts emit irregular abnormal sound; machine work produces violent vibration; screw suddenly stop rotating.

14. PVC compounding extruder equipment on the safety cover and the location of the safety alarm device is not allowed to change at will, not to mention artificially caused by the malfunction.

15. Find that the equipment leakage, oil leakage phenomenon should be timely maintenance troubleshooting, no water, oil flow around the machine.


If you have questions about how to use the PVC composite extruder, you can contact us on the official website. We are happy to answer for you.

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