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Information about single-screw extruder

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-23      Origin: Site


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A single-screw extruder consists of an Archimedes screw rotating in a heated barrel. It is widely used because of its simple structure, easy manufacturing, high processing efficiency, and low price, and is the most technically mature and used type of extruder at present. The following is a detailed introduction to single-screw extruders.


Here is the content list:

  • The design concept of a single-screw extruder

  • Single-screw extruder features

  • Uses of single screw extruder


The design concept of a single-screw extruder

(1) Single-screw extruders are high-speed, high-output extrusions based on high quality, and the design concept of low-temperature plasticization ensures the extrusion of high-quality products. Two-step overall design to strengthen the plasticizing function and ensure the adjustment of high-performance extrusion.

(2) A special barrier of the single-screw extruder, integrated mixing design to ensure material mixing effect and high torque output, extra-large thrust bearing.

(3) The gears and shafts of a single screw extruder are high-strength alloy steel, carburized, ground teeth treatment, high hardness, high finish, and ultra-low noise. PLC intelligent control, the linkage between main and auxiliary machines is possible.

(4) Single screw extruder easy to monitor human-machine interface, easy to understand the processing and machine status, and the control method (temperature control instrument) can be changed as needed.

(5) The material of the single screw extruder is 38CrMoAL/A nitride treatment, which is wear-resistant. It has a combination of air-cooled and water-cooled cooling for strict temperature precision control, and the unique air inlet design makes it a perfect water-cooling device.

(6)Single screw extruder with grooved surface feeding bottom sleeve of screw barrel has enhanced feeding function, which provides a guarantee for high speed and high output extrusion.


Single-screw extruder features

1. Hard gearbox, AC or DC stepless drive speed regulation.

2. New screw structure, melt and mix uniformly to ensure low melt temperature and high output

3. Screw barrel material adopts nitride steel 38CrMoAIA nitride treatment, and the surface alloy treatment has higher hardness.

4. Cast copper, cast aluminum heater, air-cooled and water-cooled according to requirements.

5. Advanced electrical control system of single screw


Uses of single screw extruder

Pipe extrusion of single-screw extruder: it is suitable for PP-R pipe, PE gas pipe, PEX cross-linked pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe, ABS pipe, PVC pipe, HDPE silicon core pipe, and various co-extruded composite pipes.

Sheet and plate extrusion: applicable to PVC, PET, PS, PP, PC, and other profiles and plates extrusion. Extrusion of various other plastics such as silk, rod, etc.

Profile extrusion: adjusting the extruder speed and changing the structure of the extrusion screw can be applied to the production of various plastic profiles such as PVC, polyolefin, etc. Modified pelletizing: It is suitable for blending, modifying, and enhancing pelletizing of various plastics.


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