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Main Applications of Degradable Plastics

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-04-09      Origin: Site


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Degradable plastics refer to a class of plastics whose various properties can meet the requirements of use, remain unchanged during the shelf life, and can be degraded into environmentally harmless substances under natural environment conditions after use. Therefore, it is also called environmentally degradable plastic.
There are a variety of new plastics: photodegradable plastics, biodegradable plastics, light/oxidative/biodegradable plastics, carbon dioxide-based biodegradable plastics, thermoplastic starch resin degradable plastics.
There are two main areas for the use of degradable plastics: one is the area where ordinary plastics were originally used. In these areas, the difficulty of collecting used or post-consumer plastic products will cause harm to the environment, such as agricultural mulch and single-use plastic packaging, and the second is areas where plastics are used instead of other materials. The use of degradable plastics in these areas can bring convenience, such as ball tacks for golf courses, and seedling fixing materials for tropical rainforest afforestation.
Specific applications are:
1.Agriculture, forestry and fishery, plastic film, water-retaining materials, seedling pots, seedbeds, rope nets, slow-release materials for pesticides and agricultural fertilizers.
2.Packaging industry, shopping bags, garbage bags, compost bags, disposable lunch boxes, instant noodle bowls, buffer packaging materials.
3.Sporting goods, golf tacks and tees
4.Hygiene products, women's hygiene products, baby diapers, medical mattresses, disposable haircuts.
5.Medical materials, bandages, clips, small sticks for cotton swabs, gloves, drug release materials, and surgical sutures and fracture fixation materials.
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