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Main Components of Twin Screw Compounding Extruders

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-07-25      Origin: Site


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The drive section of the twin screw extruder consists of 3 parts: motor, clutch, and gearbox.
The reduction and distribution gear unit reduces the motor speed to the screw shaft speed and distributes the input torque to the two output shafts. Clutch is installed between the drive motor and the gearbox drive shaft.
The processing section of the twin screw extruder in SHJ series extruder consists of individual barrel sections which are replaceable. Depending on the process tasks, reserve feed port, liquid injection port or twin screw side feed port is available.
Owing to the modular design of the twin screw extruder screw elements and screw barrels, conveying, plasticizing, homogenizing, pressure build-up and devolatilization zones can be established, depending on the process task.
For product intake and conveying, screw elements are used. The extruder can be fed with powder, pellets, chips, melt, paste, etc.
Plasticizing, mixing and dispersing are done by the twin screw extruder kneading elements. By varying the thickness of the kneading disks and their angle of stagger, their mixing, shearing and dispersing action can be adjusted to the individual requirements.
The screw elements are arranged on screw shafts. The co-rotating and closely intermeshing screw shafts have a sealing profile.  
The screw barrels are supported by barrel supports. Axial displacement of the processing section resulting from thermal dilatation is absorbed by these supports.
The discharge section of the twin screw extruder consists of die head and screen changer, which is installed at the end of twin screw extruder discharging direction. There are several types of die heads and screen changers to meet the requirements of different polymers and processing technology.

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