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Maintenance of Gear Box for Twin Screw Compounding Extruder

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-09-07      Origin: Site


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Malfunctions that are caused by inadequate or improper maintenance can result in high repair costs and unnecessarily long gearbox down times. Regular servicing and inspection work are therefore imperative!
All servicing and repair work is only allowed to be performed with the gearbox stationary and by trained,authorized and appropriately instructed personnel.
Refilling lubrication oil
The oil level is to be checked regularly.It must never be below the bottom mark. In the case that the oil level drops below the minimum,it is imperative that the lubricant is topped up. The oil is only allowed to be topped up with the drive units shut down. A funnel with a filter is to be used for toppcng up (filter mesh 40um). The gearbox is always to be filled with the same type of oil as used previously It is not allowed to mix different oils or oils from different manufacturers.
Changing oil
The effectiveness of the oil reduces with increasing use due to soiling (foreign bodies and water)  and  chemical  changes(ageing  products).  When  the  soiling  and/or  ageing  is/are excessive, it is necessary to change the oil. Regular oil analyses provide information on the effectiveness of the gearbox oils. For larger quantities of oil it is recommended to make oil changes dependent on the results of an oil analysis.A missed oil change increases the risk of damage and can result in premature failure of the gearbox.
The first oil change should be made at approx.2500 perating hours.Subsequent oil changes depend on the state of the oil and are to be performed every 4,000 to 6,000 operating hours, however at the latest after one year.
The gear box is the core part of the twin screw extruders, we shall pay attention to its maintenance for long servicelife.

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