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Operating procedures of plastic extruders

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-24      Origin: Site


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Each type of product in the plastic extruder line has its operating characteristics, and a detailed understanding of its operating characteristics is necessary to give full play to the effectiveness of the machine. The following is a detailed description of the operating procedures and maintenance methods for plastic extruders.


Here is the content list:

  • Operation procedures

  • Maintenance methods


Operation procedures

The plastic extruder is one of the machine types, master the extruder operation points, the correct and reasonable use of a plastic extruder. The use of plastic screw extruder includes a series of links such as installation, adjustment, commissioning, operation, maintenance, and repair of the machine, and its use has the commonality of general machines, mainly in the drive motor and reduction and speed change device. However, the working system of the plastic screw extruder, the extrusion system, is unique, and special attention should be paid to its characteristics when using the plastic screw extruder. Extruder manuals generally have clear provisions for the installation, adjustment, and commissioning of the machine, here the main points of the operation, maintenance, and repair of the plastic screw extruder are briefly described as follows: in particular, to correctly grasp the structural characteristics of the screw, heating and cooling management instrumentation characteristics and assembly, the correct extrusion process conditions, the correct operation of the machine.


Maintenance methods

1.Pastic extruder equipment should be placed in a ventilated position to ensure that the heat of the motor work prolongs its life; the machine should be kept well grounded.

⒉Regularly check the tool screws, the plastic extruder after 1 hour of use, with tools to tighten the moving knife, fixed knife screws, to strengthen the fixed between the blade and the knife frame; should be regularly filled with lubricating oil to ensure the lubrication between the bearings; to ensure the sharpness of the cutting edge of the tool, should always check the tool to ensure its sharpness, to reduce unnecessary damage to other parts caused by the blunt lack of the blade; regularly check whether the belt is loose, and timely tightening.

3. Restart - Before starting the plastic extruder for the second time, the remaining debris in the machine chamber should be cleared to reduce the starting resistance. Periodically open the inertia cover and pulley cover to clear the ash outlet under the flange, which can cause the powder to enter the shaft bearing.

4. Replacement parts - When replacing knives, the clearance between the moving and fixed knives should be 0.8 MM for crushers over 20 HP and 0.5 MM for crushers under 20 HP. The thinner the recycled material is, the gap can be adjusted appropriately larger.


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