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Operation specification of single-screw extruder

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-26      Origin: Site


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The high efficiency of the single-screw extruderis mainly reflected in high output, low energy consumption, and low manufacturing cost. In terms of function, the plastic extruder has been used not only for extrusion molding and mixing processing of polymer materials but its use has been broadened to food, feed, electrode, building materials, packaging, ceramics, and other fields. So how to operate the single screw extruder? The following is a detailed introduction.


Here is the content list:

  • Preparation work before starting the machine

  • Start-up operation

  • Stop operation


Preparation work before starting the machine

1. For single-screw extruder extrusion production of materials, should meet the required drying requirements, if necessary, further drying.

2. According to the variety of products, size, select the head specifications, the machine will be installed in the order of the column, installed head flange, die body, mouth die, porous plate, and filter network.

3. Connect the compressed air pipe, install the core mold electric heating rod head heating ring, check the water system.

4. Adjust the gap evenly in all parts of the mouth die and check whether the centerline of the main machine and the auxiliary machine are aligned.

5. Start the single-screw extruder of each running equipment, check whether the operation is normal, and find faults in time to eliminate.

6. Turn on the electric heater, the head, body, and auxiliary machine evenly heated up, to be the temperature of each part than the normal production temperature of about 10 degrees, constant temperature of 30 ~ 60 minutes so that the machine temperature inside and outside the same.


Start-up operation

Start-up is an important part of the production, poor control will damage the screw and head, the temperature is too high will cause plastic decomposition, the temperature is too low will damage the screw, barrel, and head. The start-up steps are as follows.

1. Start the machine at low speed, idle, check the screw for any abnormalities and motor, amperage meter current no overload phenomenon, the pressure gauge is normal. Machine idling should not be too long to prevent the screw and barrel-scraping grinding.

2. Gradually add a small amount of material, wait for the material extrusion out of the die, before the normal addition of material. Before the plastic is extruded, no one should be in front of the mouth die to prevent casualties.

3. After the plastic is extruded, it is necessary to lead the extruded material slowly on the cooling and shaping, traction equipment, and start this equipment beforehand. Then, according to the control instrument indication value and the requirements of the extruded products, each link will be properly adjusted until the extrusion operation reaches the normal state.

4. Cutting and sampling, checking whether the appearance meets the requirements, whether the size meets the standard, quickly testing the performance, and then adjusting the extrusion process according to the requirements of quality, so that the products meet the standard requirements.


Stop operation

1. Stop feeding, extrude the plastic in the single screw extruder and turn off the power of the barrel and head for the next operation.

2. Shut off the power of the main machine and the auxiliary machines at the same time.

3. Open the head connection flange, clean the porous plate and various parts of the head, when cleaning, should use copper rods, copper pieces, after cleaning, apply a little oil. Screw, barrel clean up, if necessary, the screw from the end of the machine out of the top, clean up after recovery, in general, available for the transition of material cleanup.

4. Extrusion of polyolefin plastics, usually in the extruder full load shutdown (with material shutdown), when the air should be prevented from entering the barrel, so as not to oxidize the material and affect the quality of the product when continuing production. For polyvinyl chloride plastics, can also stop with material, then close the material door, reduce the temperature at the head connection body (flange) 10 ~ 20 degrees, to stop the machine after the material squeeze net.

5. Close the total power and cooling water main valve.


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