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What Is Plastic Extruder
Have you ever wondered how composite windows, vinyl fencing or freezer gaskets are made? These and many other products are produced using a high-volume manufacturing process called plastic extrusion.

Extruders are the equipment at the heart of this manufacturing technology. Whether it's a hundred pipes or a thousand straws, plastic extrusion is used frequently in today's plastics industry because it is easy to obtain and easy to use. The plastic extrusion process involves melting plastic material, pressing it into a die to form it into a continuous profile, and then cutting it to length. The process is a good choice for applications that require a final product with a constant cross-section. The low cost and high productivity make it a popular manufacturing choice for products such as pipe, plastic sheeting, weather stripping, wire insulation and tape - to name just a few common plastic extrusions.

Twin Screw Lab Extruder

Suitable for universities and scientific research laboratories used for technology, formula development, small-scale production.

SHJ Series Twin Screw Extruders

Torque rating grade: T/A3≤8 domestic standard major parts.

HT Series Twin Screw Extruders

Torque rating grade: 9≤T/A3≤13.5, high torque gear box, high grade domestic main components.

Two Stage Extruder

The 1st stage is SHJ/HT series co-rotating twin screw compounding extruder. The 2nd stage is SJ series single screw extruder.

Different Pelletizing Systems

Air Cooling Strand Pelletizing

In air cooling strand pelletizing, polymer strands exit from the die head and the strands are cooled by conveyor belt and automatically conveyed to the strand pelletizer. The cooling is done by special air fans with high cooling capacity.

Air cooling strand pelletizing line can be used to processing and application of partial high polymer material, including PVC, LLDPE, mastebatch, hihg filling caco3 masterbatch, degradable masterbatch, high density carbon masterbatch, and so on.

Underwater Pelletizing

Underwater pelletizing system is good for most of polymers. Especially for TPU and TPV or similar elastomer, its advantage plays well.

It consists of drive valve, die head, pelletizing unit, bypass line, water recycling unit and centrifugal dehydrator.

It is widely used for elastomer plastics, modified plastics, hot melt adhesive, micro plastics, biobased plastics, medical plastics, recycled plastics, etc with the advantage of wide applications and high efficiency.

Water Ring Die Face Pelletizing

For water ring die face pelletizing , molten polymer flows into multiple holes arranged in a circular pattern in a die plate and is cut into pellets as it emerges from the die face. The cutting is accomplished by a series of rotating knives that are also arranged in a circular pattern. After that, it goes into the centrifugal dewatering for water removal.

It is suitable for filler masterbatch, cabon black masterbatch, grafting compounding, etc.
Our Customers
Since 2004, now we have 20,000 square meters workshop with annual sales over 300+ sets, export over 60 countries.

  • What’s the differences between twin screw and single screw extruders?

    The mainly differences is that single screw extruder is suitable for single material extrusion, for example, single granule, flakes, film, etc while twin screw extruder is suitable used for compounding.
  • What’s the different cutting systems of plastic extruders?

    It includes strand cutting, water ring die face cutting, air cooling hot face cutting and underwater cutting. Different formula is with different cutting system.
  • What kind of plastic extruders Jieya supply?

    Were specialized in manufacturing twin screw compounding extruders, single screw extruders and two stage extruders with over 20 years experience.
  • What’s the differences between standard and high torque plastic extruders?

    It includes main motor power kw differences, coupler differences, torque grade of gear box differences, shaft material differences and output differences. If customers require high torque, high output and high performance plastic extruder, we recommend high torque type.
  • How to select plastic extruder?

    We will offer the best suitable solution after getting customers basic formula and specific requirement. All of our plastic extruders are custom-built to meet more and more customers needs with output from small-scale production to large-scale production.
  • What is plastic extruder?

    Plastic extruders include twin screw extruders, single screw extruders and multi-screw exruders. It can be matched with various kinds of downstream lines to make granules, pipes, films, sheet, straps, etc. 
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