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SHJ Series Twin Screw Extruders VS HT Series Twin Screw Extruders

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Nanjing Jieya is a professional manufacturer of twin screw compounding extruders since 2004. Our extruders series include SHJ series, HT series, JY series, SJ series, etc. Today we will tell you the differences between SHJ series twin screw extruders and HT series high torque twin screw extruders from three main points below:

1. Torque grade

The torque rating grade of our SHJ series twin screw extruder is T/A3≤8 while HT series is 9≤T/A3≤13.5. Our HT series adopt high torque gear box, which is suitable for customers that pursuit high efficiency machines.

2. Power transmission

SHJ series use clutch for power transmission while HT series use torque protector, for example, R+W brand, Bibby brand, etc.

3. Output

The output of HT series twin screw extruder is much higher than SHJ series.

So HT series can further improve the performance of extruders.But surely, price is higher than SHJ series.

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