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Twin Screw Extruder for PPR Compounding

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-05-03      Origin: Site


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  There are many colors of home improvement PPR water pipes, the common ones are green, white, gray, blue, yellow, orange and so on. Many people think that white PPR water pipes are more "pure" than water pipes of other colors. This statement is wrong, PPR water pipes are colorful, just because the color of the masterbatch is different.

  Which color pipe has better shading performance? In fact, this is inconclusive, and it is not advisable to use color to distinguish whether the shading performance of the pipe is good or bad. In fact, the shading properties of PPR tubes are mainly related to the color hiding power of the color masterbatch used.

  If you're looking for extruder for compounding PPR and color masterbatch, why not look at Nanjing Jieya extruder? We're a professional manufacturer of twin screw extruders since 2004 and we have rich experience in this filed. Our extruders have good dispersion ability and high performance with capacity from 500kg-2000kg per hour. Our customers include VASEN, ERA, Aikang and other well-known enterprises. We look forward to receive your inquiry.

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