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Twin-screw extruder operating instructions

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-09      Origin: Site


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The twin screw extruder's standard equipment includes a sturdy base frame dedicated to housing the temperature control unit and oil lubrication system. The equipment features advanced control software for seamless integration into digital factories, ready for Industry 4.0, greatly improving ease of use. The following is a detailed description of the operating procedures of the twin screw extruder.


Here is the content list:

l Start up operation

l Stop the machine

l Precautions


Start up operation

1.Close the power main gate of the twin screw extruder.

2. Turn on the power at the operation panel: Press and hold the power button clockwise to turn and then release.

3. Set the temperature of each temperature zone: for example, a zone temperature according to the process requirements set the corresponding temperature, press the set button, and then adjust the up and down arrows to the desired temperature, press the set button.

4. Set the feeding rate: according to the process, requirements can be fed rate between 0 ~ 10 to set.

5. Set the host speed of the twin screw extruder: set the host speed between 0~30 according to the process requirements.

6. Add cooling water to the cooling tank.

7. In turn on the fan: press the operation button on the operation panel.

8. When you need to start the operation of the vacuum pump, you can start the vacuum pump.

9. Turn on the cutter switch.


Stop the machine

1. Twin screw extruder normal stopping sequence: stop the feeder: close the vacuum line valve, open the vacuum chamber on the cover; gradually reduce the main screw speed; shut down the pelletizer and other auxiliary equipment: off the motor, each external water inlet valve.

2. Twin screw extruder emergency stop: (1) in case of an emergency need to stop the host, you can quickly press the electrical control cabinet red emergency stop button, and the host and the feed speed knob back to zero, and then the total power switch off. After eliminating the fault, you can restart the machine again in normal driving order. (2) encounter equipment automatic protection trip stop: need to set the various parameters knob to zero, and then reset the parameters, press the reset button and start the machine again.



1. The normal production of the first shift machine, be sure to first check whether the barrel, hopper seal is the original closed kind, such as changes or damage, should check the hopper, the machine inside the Jane there are no foreign objects.

2. Pay attention to the screw to start at a low speed, the air time can not exceed 3min.

3. Must pay attention to check the purity of each batch of material, do not allow any impurities mixed into the material.

4. The beginning of the material to pay attention to the first small amount, evenly added material, while paying attention to observe the current meter (torque meter) pointer changes.

For granular material, use metering to add material. When you first start to feed production, be sure to pay attention to the extruder production work overload phenomenon. After the forming die lip out of the material, and then gradually increase the screw speed as appropriate.

5. Often check the working condition of the motor carbon brush, abnormalities should be replaced or adjusted promptly.

6. The screw cleaning work is not allowed to use steel tools scraping material, the application of copper brush, shovel cleaning.

7. When the process temperature is suspected of displaying problems on the instrument, use mercury temperature, meter actual measurement of the machine Jane, and molding mold degree. Refer to the mercury temperature measured temperature, adjust the calibration instrument to show the temperature.


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