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What are the components of a plastic extruder?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-08      Origin: Site


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The main machine of the plastic extruder is the extruder, which is composed of an extrusion system, transmission system, and heating and cooling system. The following is a detailed description of the composition of the plastic extruder.


Here is the content list:

  • Extrusion system

  • Drive System

  • Heating and cooling device


Extrusion system

A homogeneous melt is plasticized bypassing the plastic through the extrusion system, which consists of a screw, barrel, hopper, head, and die.


Drive System

The function of the drive system is to drive the screw, supplying the torque and speed required by the screw during the extrusion process, usually consisting of an electric motor, reducer, and bearings.

The manufacturing cost of the reducer is roughly proportional to its size and weight, provided that the structure is the same. Because the shape and weight of the reducer are large, it means that more materials are consumed in the manufacturing, and the bearings used are also larger, which increases the manufacturing cost.

For a similar screw diameter extruder, the high speed and high potency extruder consume additional energy than the traditional extruder, the motor power is doubled, and also the reducer seat range is raised consequently is critical,however a high screw speed means that an occasional reduction magnitude relation. For the same size reducer, the gear modulus of the low reduction ratio increases compared to the large reduction ratio, and the capacity of the reducer to bear the load also increases. Therefore, the rise in volume and weight of the reducer isn't linearly proportional to the rise in motor power. If the extrusion volume is employed because of the divisor and dividend by the burden of the reducer, the high speed and high potency extruder can have a smaller range and the normal extruder will have a larger number.

In terms of unit output, the small motor power and the small weight of the reducer of the high speed and high-efficiency extruder means that the manufacturing cost per unit output of the high speed and high-efficiency extruder is lower than that of the normal extruder.


Heating and cooling device

Heating and cooling are necessary to enable the plastic extrusion process to proceed.

(1) Extruders usually use electric heating, which is divided into resistance heating and induction heating, with heating sheets installed in each part of the body, neck, and head. The heating device heats the plastic inside the barrel from the outside to warm it up to the temperature required for the process operation.

(2) The cooling device is installed to ensure that the plastic is in the temperature range required for the process. Specifically, it is to exclude the excess heat generated by the shear friction of the rotating screw to avoid the plastic from decomposing, scorching, or shaping difficulties due to the high temperature. Barrel cooling is divided into two kinds of water-cooled and air-cooled, generally small and medium-sized extrusion machine using air-cooled is more appropriate, large is more water-cooled or a combination of two forms of cooling; screw cooling is mainly used in the center of water-cooled, the purpose is to increase the rate of solid material delivery, stabilize the amount of rubber, while improving product quality; but the cooling at the hopper, one is to strengthen the role of solid material delivery, to prevent the plastic grain sticky blockage because of the heating the second is to ensure the normal work of the transmission part.


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