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What does a single screw extruder mean?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-17      Origin: Site


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The single screw extruder is mainly used for extruding soft and hard polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, and other thermoplastic. It can be a variety of plastic products such as bubble sheets, extruded pipes, press plates, ribbons, etc. process and can also be used for melting granulation. The plastic extruder is characterized by advanced design, high quality, good plasticization, and low energy consumption. It uses an evolutionary drive and is characterized by low noise development, stable operation, great durability, and long service life.


  • What are the relevant parameters of a single screw extruder?

  • What are the properties of a single screw extruder?

  • For which materials can a single screw extruder be used?

What are the relevant parameters of a single screw extruder?

The relevant parameters of the insertion extruder are arranged from left to right: the first field is the plastic machine code as S; the second box is the extruder code as J; the third field is the code for the different construction firms of the extruder. The three bars are combined, the plastic extruder is SJ; the ventilated plastic extruder is SJP; the plastic foam extruder is SJF; the extruder with plastic input is SJW; the plastic shoe extruder is SJE; The cascade plastic extruder is SJJ; the double-screw extruder is SJS; the conical double-screw extruder is SJSF; the multi-screw extruder is SJD. The fourth box is for auxiliary machinery with the code name F; in the case of an extruder unit with the code name E. The fifth parameter refers to the snail diameter and the ratio of length to snail diameter. The sixth field refers to the product's pattern sequences, which in the order of letters A, B, C... is arranged and the sample number is not given in the first sample.

What are the properties of a single screw extruder?

(1) The material support of the inlet extruder is mainly based on friction, which limits the conveyance performance of the inlet extruder. The addition of powder, paste, fiberglass, and inorganic fillers is difficult.

(2) If the head pressure of the inlet extruder is high, the counter current increases, which reduces the productivity of the inlet extruder.

(3) Injected exhaust gas extruder material has a low surface regeneration effect in the suction zone, so the suction effect of the inlet extruder is poor.

(4) Injection extruder is used for certain processes, such as polymer dyeing, heat-resistant powder processing, etc. not suitable. The single screw extruder is a high-speed and high-yield extrusion based on a high level.

For which materials can a single screw extruder be used?

single screw extruder series, single screw extruders can be used for the processing of PP, PE, PS, ABS, PMMA, PVC, and other thermoplastic tubes, plates, plates, rods, profile materials, and plastic granulation products. For different raw materials and product specifications, the screw assumes different length-diameter ratios and compression ratios, and the flow assumes different structures. Choose the right cylinder, screw, and drive mechanism to meet the processing requirements of high-quality products.

The use of single screw extruders is becoming increasingly widespread. Nanjing JlEYA has been concentrating on single screw extruders for several years. They will make every effort to meet the needs of users.

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