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What is the auxiliary equipment for twin-screw extruders?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-03      Origin: Site


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Twin-screw extruders have barrels with an extension range of 4 and 6D, allowing for precise process design to meet specific customer requirements. All barrels allow for precise temperature control. Cooling is achieved by cooling water injection and high-performance electric heating rods for direct and fast heating. The auxiliary equipment of the twin-screw extruder consists of a straightening device, a preheating device, and a cooling and heating device. The following is a detailed description of the auxiliary equipment.


Here is the content list:

l Straightening device

l Preheating device

l Cooling device


Straightening device

One of the most common types of plastic extrusion rejects is eccentricity, and bending of the wire core in various patterns is one of the most important causes of insulation eccentricity. In sheath extrusion, scratches on the sheath surface are also often caused by the bending of the cable core. Therefore, a variety of extrusion units in the straightening device is essential. The main types of straightening devices are roller type (divided into horizontal and vertical type); pulley type (divided into single pulley and pulley group); stranded pulley type, which plays a variety of roles such as dragging, straightening, and stabilizing tension; pressure pulley type (divided into horizontal and vertical type), etc.


Preheating device

Cable core preheating is necessary for both insulation extrusion and sheath extrusion. For the insulation layer, especially the thin layer of insulation, the existence of pores should not be allowed, the core can be completely removed from the surface of the water, oil, and dirt through high temperature preheating before extrusion. For the sheath extrusion, the main role is to dry the cable core, to prevent the role of moisture (or moisture around the bedding layer) to make the sheath in the possibility of porosity. Preheating can also prevent the plastic from being extruded due to sudden cooling and residual internal pressure. In the process of extruding plastic, preheating can eliminate the cold line into the high-temperature heat, in contact with the plastic at the mouth of the die to form a disparity in temperature, to avoid fluctuations in plastic temperature and lead to fluctuations in extrusion pressure, to stabilize the amount of extrusion and ensure the quality of extrusion. Extrusion unit is used in the electric heating core preheating device, requires sufficient capacity, and ensures rapid temperature rise, so that the core preheating and cable core drying efficiency. The preheating temperature is restricted by the speed of wire release, generally similar to the temperature of the head.


Cooling device

The formed plastic extrusion layer after leaving the head should be immediately cooled and shaped, otherwise, deformation will occur under the action of gravity. The way of cooling usually uses water cooling, and according to the water temperature is different, divided into rapid cooling and slow cooling. Rapid cooling is the direct cooling of cold water, rapid cooling of plastic extrusion layer sizing is beneficial, but for crystalline polymers, due to sudden heat cooling, easy to internal residual stress in the extrusion layer organization, resulting in the use of the process of cracking, general PVC plastic layer using rapid cooling. Slow cooling is to reduce the internal stress of the product, in the cooling water tank placed in sections of different temperatures of water, so that the product gradually cool down and set, PE, PP extrusion on the use of slow cooling, that is, after hot water, warm water, cold water three cooling.


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