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2000KG/H Underwater Pelletizing System

Underwater pelletizing is a specialized process used in the plastics industry to convert thermoplastic materials into high-quality pellets.
It is used preferably for the processing of sticky products and for high throughput rates,particularly TPU, TPV, and other similar elastomers.It can also handle materials with fillers or additives.

Underwater Pelletizing Systems is a perfect alternative solution when the required output is over 1000kg/h, or processing soft material with high viscosity, such as TPR/TPE/TPV/EVA ,because strand line pelletizer and water ring cutting cannot work .

Pelletizing equipment is available with throughputs from just a few kg/hr in lab applications up to more than 70 tons/hr in polyolefin production.

The system comprises various components, including a drive valve, die head, pelletizing unit, bypass line, water recycling unit, and centrifugal dehydrator.

The initial investment in an underwater pelletizing system can be higher compared to other pelletizing methods. However, the benefits of improved product quality, reduced waste, and increased productivity often outweigh these initial costs in industries where high-quality pellets are essential.

Underwater pelletizing system Applications:

Thermoplastic  elastomer: EVA, POE, SBS, SEBS, TPE, TPEE, TPO, TPU, TPV, etc

Biodegradable environmental protection materials: PBS, PBAT, PHA, PHBV, PLA, PPC, PSM, PVA, Starch based materials, etc

Thermoplastic: PE, PP, PBT, PET, PA6, PA66, PA1010, PA11, PA12, PS, PB, ACS, PC, PMMA, PFA, PVC, etc

Hot melt adhesive: EVA based, PA based, PU based, PB based, etc

Product Video

Pelletizer power(KW)1.5/2.2KW3/4/5.5KW7.5KW
Die head heating 3.6kw(0.6X6)380V4.8KW(0.6X8)380V7.2KW
Drive valve heating0.8KW(0.2X4)220V1.6KW(0.4X4)220V
output KG/H0-1000-5000-1000
For extruderSHJ20-SHJ36SHJ42-SHJ72SHJ82-SHJ92

  1. Enhanced Pellet Quality

     Underwater pelletizing produces uniformly shaped and sized pellets with a high degree of consistency. This results in pellets with minimal surface imperfections and excellent mechanical properties.

  2. Reduced Heat Exposure

    Since the plastic strands are rapidly cooled in the water bath, they are exposed to significantly less heat compared to other pelletizing methods. This is especially important for heat-sensitive thermoplastics, as it helps prevent degradation and maintains material properties.

  3. Minimal Dust and Fumes

    Underwater pelletizing virtually eliminates dust and fumes associated with the cutting process. This is essential for maintaining a clean and safe working environment and is particularly valuable when processing hazardous or sensitive materials.

  4. Higher Throughput

    The cooling effect of the water bath allows for faster production rates compared to air pelletizing. This increased throughput can lead to higher overall productivity.

  5. Reduced Energy Consumption

    Underwater pelletizing typically requires less energy compared to other methods that may involve additional heating or cooling stages. This can result in energy savings and lower operating costs.

  6. Precise Control

    Underwater pelletizing systems offer precise control over pellet size, shape, and consistency, allowing for customization to meet specific customer or product requirements.

  7. Low Maintenance:

    Underwater pelletizing systems are known for their reliability and low maintenance requirements, resulting in reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

  • Established in 2004, with over 17 years of expertise

  • Can manufacture up to 500 sets per year

  • Accredited with CE and ISO 9001 certifications

  • All components are produced in-house

  • Offering competitive pricing and excellent customer support

  • Swift delivery service

  • Providing a 12-month assurance of quality


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